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We have thousands of visits on Business Insights per month and we have more each day. If you think you have something to say, something to put into words, or simply want to share your expertise with our community with more than 50 000 subscribers, we would love to make a post with you as a guest.

Most of our visitors are businesspeople, marketing managers, sales managers, and people alike.

Please, take your time to read this webpage completely, because it will help you understand how we write, why we do what we do and you will know how our content approval process is carried out. 


Guidelines for each article

The successful articles of our guests are complete publications based on interesting information that teach our readers something new about the business world. Even though we tend to write about sale strategies and marketing, that is not all we talk about. We are also interested in publishing texts on any subject that may intrigue our community; it could be related to the recruitment and hiring of employees, team development, job search, writing in general, design, maths, and great internet tendencies, among others.

The articles we publish should have the following:

  • Original concepts, convincing arguments and high-quality writing. We will not publish something that has already been published somewhere else (Important!).
  • The writing style and tone of Business Insights. Our goal is to be formal, useful and we tend to keep away from trend words and jargon.
  • Adequate citing of information, quotes, and external content you make reference to in your article. 
  • No more than one link to the website of a company in the body of your publication.

Types of articles

We have carried out studies to discover which type of blog articles work and which ones do not. The following are some of our most successful types of publications: 

  • Analysis: Did you conduct an experiment? Did you analyze information from your company or from the customers who display a tendency? Write it and send it to us. These publications should include concrete information, practical documents and thorough explanations of every step of the experiment or analysis process. Readers should have enough information so that they can copy the experiment or study if they want. 
  • Example: If you have too many clients, do not ready this.
  • Explaining: These articles offer readers thorough tactical explanations supported by recent relevant examples, original quotes, original graphics, and current information. Even though we do not want to establish a word count in our publications, these tend to work when they have 1500 words or more. When readers finish reading this type of publication, they should be able to put it into practice and they should have few doubts about it.
  • Example: Quick guidelines about how to develop a commercial plan in 2018.
  • Graphics: These articles depend a lot on the infographics or SlideShare created by the author. In general, they have some introduction paragraphs, the integrated means and that is it. Graphics must be complete and easy to read, have a convincing narrative and have current information from adequate sources.
  • Example: Main problems between the Sales and the Marketing Areas.
  • Events: In general, they are articles that are written after you assist a particular event that may interest and be helpful for readers. Even when this type of content is based on events/webinars/workshops/conferences, its importance is based on the subject itself.
  • Example[Event] Google I/O 2018: Most important content.
  • Tendencies/Tools: In these articles, adding value, providing tools, showing how to do something, or communicating new market tendencies in the business, technological, or marketing/sales world is the most important.
  • Example3 steps to integrate Whatsapp on your website.


Even though sometimes we do publish blog posts that do not fit any of the previous categories, their publication can be accepted if they match some of these formats.


What we do NOT accept:

There are things that we cannot accept.

  • Anything that has already been written about in our blog before. Go through our website before sending your articles. 
  • Anything that can be interpreted as a link building black hat SEO.
  • Anything that is too advertising for your company or organization.
  • Anything that is offensive or inaccurate. 
  • Anything that is too judgemental with people or companies: this is not a place to complain. 


How to send your article:

Write an e-mail to hola@wearedrew.co with the following information:

  • The subject of the e-mail: Blog post guest - Name of the author.
  • Your complete article on a Word file.
  • Image files (citing the source if needed).
  • Short biography of the author who includes just one link to his/her own website.
  • A clear and professional picture of the author.
    If your article is in accordance with editorial standards and with our content strategy, we will reply to you to let you know that your article will be published. This process can take up to 2 weeks.



  • Presentations must be in accordance with Drew's content team standards to be published.
  • We are entitled to change the title and make other necessary modifications for the sake of optimization.
  • We cannot allow you to publish your article in your own blog, LinkedIn, or any other social media afterward. Here you can learn more about what you can (and cannot) do with that content.
  • Drew's content team reserves the right to edit and adapt the content of your guest blog post as considers appropriate and to update it in the future so that it stays precise and thorough.
  • Drew reserves the right to include calls to action to that content, use it in the newsletter via e-mail, ebooks and other downloadable material, always including the author's name, of course.